Ashrafuzzaman Jitu

A.K.M. Ashrafuzzaman

Director of engineering @ Optimizely
Dhaka, Bangladesh

With sixteen years of working as a full-stack software engineer, I took on various roles along the way. I played the role of an engineering manager, software architect, a director. Even though my current designation is mostly managerial, I always am hands on and play the role of a software architect. Over the period of time I worked with variety of languages and technologies, especially in the web stack. Working with microservice architecture, distributed systems, serverless, scaling with cost reduction in mind, mentoring, and establishing engineering organizations. I am a full-stack engineer with devOps expertise.


  • Typescript, Javascript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java

Tools / Technology

  • NodeJs, Express, NestJs
  • React.js, Angular
  • Flask, DRF
  • Docker, Ansible
  • Microservice Architectures and patterns
  • Object Oriented Design patterns and Principles
  • Distributed System, Serverless
  • MongoDb, MySql, ELK stack
  • Apache Spark
  • REST, Hateoas, OAuth
  • TDD, BDD


  • S3, RDS, Lambda,
  • Kinesis, SQS,
  • Athena, Redshift, CloudFront,
  • CloudFormation Template