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Query report

It helps you to structure reports of you application, and make them DRY

Query report By Ashrafuzzaman.

Query report is a reporting tool, which does the following:

As built in filter I have used ransack and pagination with kaminari

For a demo see here

The purpose

The purpose of this gem is to produce consistent reports quickly and manage them easily. Because all we need to concentrate in a report is the query and filter.

Getting started

Query report is tested with Rails 3. You can add it to your Gemfile with:

gem "query_report", "~> 1.0.4"

Run the bundle command to install it.

Here is a sample controller which uses query report. And that is all you need, query report will generate all the view for you.

require 'query_report/helper'  #need to require the helper

class InvoicesController < ApplicationController
  include QueryReport::Helper  #need to include it

  def index
    @invoices = Invoice.scoped

    reporter(@invoices) do
      filter :title, type: :text
      filter :created_at, type: :date, default: [5.months.ago.to_date.to_s(:db),
      filter :paid, type: :boolean, default: false

      column :title do |invoice|
        link_to invoice.title, invoice
      column :total_paid
      column :total_charged
      column :paid

MIT License. Copyright © 2013 Ashrafuzzaman. See MIT-LICENSE for further details.